Pattern Errata

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Unfortunately, sometimes human error comes into play when publishing patterns.

Pattern Errata for some versions of Oceanwind Knits Patterns:



Raven's Fire Shawl

K4, yo, purl to last 4 sts, yo, K4. ”

Continuing with C4, Work Rows 1 & 2 of Border Chart. 
Change to C5 and work Rows 3-9 (ending with WS facing).”

Chart b row 9, - stitch 4 should be k.

Chart b row 19, stitch 36 should be a k.

Sleepy Hollow Socks

Feb.10.2010: Changes to size 10 ONLY - work as for size 9 using foot length for size 10. If you need a replacement pattern please email with your original purchase information. As of Feb.10.2010, PDF has been updated for purchase.
Aug.2010:  changes to heel construction for sizes 5 & 6.  Please contact if you need a replacement pattern with your original purchase information.  If your instep chart shows only 31 sts for sizes 5 & 6 please use the instep chart for size 7 & 8.  Also remaining toe sts before final dec's will be '30', not '28' as stated.  Work the dec rnd noted for sizes 5-8 2x for sizes 5 & 6.

Cleopatra Shawl

The 2nd, 3rd & 4th increase rows are missing a YO before the last 'k2' of the row.

Balsam Shawl

Border Chart - Rows 31 & 33: 2nd to last st should be k2tog on both rows.

Damsel Shawl

Chart 2 - Row 15: 3rd last stitch (at left edge of chart) should be knit; Row 17: 5th last (at left edge of chart) stitch should be k2tog; Row 23: 2nd last stitch should be k2tog;

Whither Mitts

--- abbreviations - missing k1tbl = knit through the back loop;
--- chart key is missing blank square (knit stitch);
--- right mitt: knit one rnd after working 3 rnds of twisted rib;
--- left mitt: thumb gusset instructions should read 'Work around as established to last st. Pm, m1, k1, m1, end of rnd.

Lutea Shawl

--- abbreviations - k3tog = knit 3 together;
--- there was a generic knit symbol (vertical bar) left in some of the charts which should have been changed to ablank square (knit stitch);
--- Row 9 of Main Chart in the BORDER SECTION - first three sts should be 'yo, k2tog, yo'.
--- in some of the early printed versions of the pattern, the chart key neglected to include the '~' symbol as 'sl1'.
--- Border Chart 1 (in border tips section, pg.4) row 30 should read: p8, k2, not p7, k2 as charted. If you have trouble reconciling the chart in your version, please contact for a new version of pg.4 of the pattern, thanks!

Bethuen Shawl

--- near the bottom of pg 1 should read: Continue working in this manner until you have completed 92 rows in total...


Oyster Bay Shawl

last row should read:
K2, yo, k6, yo, k1, yo, [k17, yo, k1, yo] to last 6 sts bef cm, k6, yo, k1 (centre st), yo, k6, [yo, k1, yo, k17] to last 9 sts, yo, k1, yo, k6, yo, k2.


Gothik Scarf

Some of the first printed versions listed the wrong cast-on number. Should be 51 sts.

Ostara Bag

In the earlier versions of this pattern, for the 'knitted separately' directions for the sides of the bag, the C1 & C2 were accidentally reversed, for both side a and side b.