Happy Holidays!

Oceanwind Knits knitting patterns are on Ravelry: CLICK HERE!  

Oceanwind Knits is back!  There are limited quantities of pre-dyed yarns available.  These days, shipping may take longer than expected.  Please keep this in mind when placing orders.  At this point, I am only offering tracked shipping to the US and Internationally.  Thanks!

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Hoping you are all cosily knitting in your favourite knitting chair
(or scheduling time for a break from the craziness soon).  :)  

While the sale is still on, I wanted to tell you about a new yarn option at Oceanwind Knits for dyed to ordered yarnspeckles!  When you are ordering, simply click the 'add speckles' checkbox and have any colourway created with speckles added, great for all of those modern projects using speckled yarns.

Save 20% on all Oceanwind Knits hand-dyed yarns.  

It's the perfect time to take advantage of savings to grab yourself a wee treat after finishing up those holiday knitting projects.  :)

Did you know, you can order custom-dyed yarn at Oceanwind Knits? 
Many many 
colourways available!

This time of year, when I finally slow down a little, I often contemplate dyeing yarn for knitting a sweater for myself.  I am rarely successful in completing a sweater (something I want to put on my list for 2019, one can always hope!) due to distractions and generally being a little too busy at times.

High on my list of patterns I would like to knit is Sunset Highway

Is it on your list?  If it is, this is the time to grab some dyed to order skeins and take advantage of savings!  It would knit up great in MCN SockSock (with nylon) or Sock Merino.  :)

I have been playing around with colour combos lately (top to bottom MC, CC1, CC2, CC3). 
Which is your favourite combination? 

Sunset Highway colour options

 Sunset Highway colour options 

Sunset Highway colour options

See pattern details here for yardage requirements.  The possibilities are endless for this design as you can see in the project galleries on Ravelry.

While I was in the mode, I also put together some colour ideas for the Ninilchik Swancho, also high on my list, which would knit up nicely in merino sport.  See the project gallery here on Ravelry for inspiration.  

Ninilchik Swoncho colour combination

 Ninilchik Swoncho colour combination 

Ninilchik Swoncho colour combination

One of the things I like a lot about both of those designs is they will knit up equally well in punchy brights with high contrast or toned down, earthy and subtle.  So many possibilities, so little time.  ;) 

I hope you get to knit your sweater in 2019.  :)